Frequently Asked Questions

Go to “Plugins” –> “Add a new Plugin” –> search for the plugin name “IncredibleDocs”.

Click “Install” and then Active”.

  1. Download the latest IncredibleDocs Pro zip file from our website using your account.
  2. Go to “Plugins” –> “Add New Plugin” –> “Upload Plugin”, select the IncredibleDocs Pro zip file, click “Install” and then “Active”.
  3. Active your license: “Settings” –> “License” –> “License Key”. Copy and paste the license key and then click “Activate”.

Frontend View

Go to the “Knowledge Bases” menu, hover on the relevant knowledge base instance and access the frontend view by clicking on “View”:

Each category in a knowledge base can be accessed indirectly by opening the knowledge base main view and drilling down to the the required category.

If you would like to directly access a category link, go to the list of categories and copy the link from the “View” option:

You can access a specific tag frontend view by opening the list of tags and copy the link in “View:

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