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Access Type

A new knowledge base instance will have a default “Public” access type value. It means there is no content restriction and any non-registered visitor will be able to access all content items.

As part of the features coming with the IncredibleDocs Pro version, you can adjust the access type for any knowledge base. Go to “Settings” –> “Access Control” –> “Knowledge Bases” and adjust the access type for the relevant knowledge base instance.

If you are planning to restrict all content to only registred users then select “Internal”. If part of the content should be accessed by non-registered users, then select “Hybrid”.

After adjusting the access type, click “Save Changes“. If the selected access type is “Internal” or “Hybrid” then the next step will be to adjust the access type for each top-level categories.

After adjustung the access type for a specific knowledge base, the next will be to configure the access type for each top-level category in that knowledge base. All content items and sub-categories attached to a specific top-level category, will inherit the configured access type of that category.

Go to “Settings” –> “Access Control” –> “Categories” and adjust the access type for each category:

> Public

> All Logged-in Users

> Groups

After adjusting the access type for top-level category, click “Save Changes“.

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