Where content tags can be used?

Filter content items in the admin area

Go to the "Content" menu option to get the list of all content items. If needed, apply any required filters to get a subset list and finally click on the required tag inside the table. It will filter all content items attached to this tag.

Document view - metadata line

When opening a document content item, the list of tags attached to that document can be displayed at metadata line below the document title:

You can enable or disable the list of tags in the metadata line by going to:

"Settings" --> "Design" --> "Customizer" --> Click on "Document Content" module inside the "Document View":

Document view - right sidebar box

Additional location that tags be displayed is at right sidebar box below the Table of Contents (TOC). Each tag will be displayed with the configured background color.

You can enable or disable the list of tags in the right sidebar box by going to:

"Settings" --> "Design" --> "Customizer" --> Click on "Document View" (not inside a specific module):

To adjust the design settings of the Tags module, go to:

"Settings" --> "Design" --> "Customizer" --> Click on "Document Tags" inside the "Document View":

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