How to create, edit or delete a tag?

Why should I use content tags?

A category name is not necessarily the only way to mark, divide, or correlate content items. Tags are useful to extend the meta-data on content items and provides more ways for the end-users to navigate or search for content. IncredibleDocs has a dedicated Tag View page that summarize all content items (e.g., documents, links, FAQs, videos) attached to that specific tag.

How to add a new tag?

To create a new tag, open the IncredibleDocs main menu and select the "Tags" sub-menu.

The admin screen is divided into two main sections. On the right side, we will see a list of configured tags and on the left side a list of form fields that can be used to create a new tag.

When creating a new tag, the following fields are available:

  1. Name - type the name of the new tag. This name will be used as different frontend views to display the tag.
  2. Slug - is the unique identification of the tag resource inside the URL. If you don't type anything, it will be generated automatically using the "Name".
  3. Description - optional text for internal use to describe the tag.
  4. Knowledge Base - a tag must be attached to a specific knowledge base like any other component. This information will be used to display and search the relevant tags for a specific knowledge base.
  5. Tag Background Color - you can assigned the same color to a group of related tags or a unique color for each tag. The background color can be enabled/disabled under the design settings.

Finally, click "Add a new Tag".

How to use the new added tag?

Now, this new tag will be available under the tags list when adding or editing content items.

How to edit a tag?

Open the Tags admin page and click "Edit" on the relevant tag instance. 

Inside the "Edit Tag" screen, you can adjust the following tag configuration:

  1. Name
  2. Slug
  3. Description
  4. Tag Background Color

Please note - A knowledge-base can't be changed for an existing tag. Create a new tag if a different knowledge base is needed.

How to delete a tag?

Open the Tags admin page and click "Delete" on the relevant tag instance. 

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